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here is the logo with all the color removed, edges found and the centers of each form taken out. less than 5 minutes of edit time in gimpshop.

What I want to do next is convert this image into gcode so that a machine can mill it. I could run it on either a shopbot or micromill.


here is the file of the image opened in inkscape - ubuntu-line-logo.svg

The scaleable vector graphic format should allow it to be biggified or shrunk to size.

here it is exported as a bitmap

after saving as .odg file, open office draw, it was opened and saved as a raster image. This format probably won't help, because it will get all jagged and gross on enlargement.


here it is exported as a .ras file


Opened it in paint, saved it as a bmp - ublogo.bmp

opened the .bmp in turbocad - ubuntulogo.dxf shopbot does not want to find the vector data

saved it as a .dwg - ubuntulogo.dwg shopbot does not want to find the vector data


In attempting to make this logo, one of the processes is to export a .dxf file of the vectors. Two earlier documents created in this process at the Fab Lab at South End Technology Center look different when you open the files.


Here are the files -



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