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The Soshonguve Fab lab has created a design for the 4x8 competition. It will be a table and chairs with a logo in the center. What we will do is recreate the files in Duxbury and test them out. If we can get them to work, we will bring them to the competion in Chicago in the third week of August 2007. This would be a collaborative effort between Duxbury and Soshonguve South Africa.


here is the description from Kenneth


Here is the project that you can cut it for 4x8 competition it is a table and a chair make 4 chairs and put the Map of Africa on top of the table u may paste the map with a glue and on the chairs you may decorate them with African stuff like paste some bowls or something you like to paste that can make the chairs to be beautiful.Try to make this image small but i dont promise that it will be simple to cut the image in the machine it will be little bit difficult be cause of the animals and the map. If you have some question to ask me just ask me and i will try to give you answers about this project of me,tshepo and bongani .


Here is the link to the files - http://dhsfab.pbwiki.com/f/soshentry.tar.gz

laser cuts from 8-9-07 - http://dhsfab.pbwiki.com/f/8-9-07.tar.gz


Here is the competition - http://www.fabfolk.com/4x8designcompetition2


/ 8-5-07

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