This tutorial was written by Pete T grade 9 May 2007


Sketch Up to Micro Mill


CNC Mill

Steps for getting from Sketch Up to the CNC Mill using Mach 2.


  1. The first thing you need to do is to convert Sketch Up to .stl files. You can find and download this here On this forum -
  2. The next ting that you need to do is get the .stl files into the Sketch Up Pluggins. To do that you need to copy the .stl file into the pluggins file here C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 6\Plugins.
  3. Now you restart Sketch Up and make a design. The design should only be 1", 1", 1" when you first start to make it easier.
  4. Then you select the entire model and export it to STl in the Pluggins in the tool bar.
  5. Next you upload the .stl file to the Mill wizard. Select the file and use these demensions.

Selct Model was in inches.

The cut directions should be on the top.

Deselect generate roughing pass.

Finishing Tool goes as the following

Type: End Mill

Diameter: 2.5

Cutting Length: 20

Stepover %: 50 (The lower it is the more presice).

Spindle Speed: 300

Feed Rate: 1000 for foam, 500 for wax.

Plunge Rate: the same as Feed Rate.

Raster in X and in Y

Safe Z height: 5

Press Calculate. And then Simulate if you want.

On the next page select Gcode inch [*.tap]

Then save the finishing.

  1. Post the file on the internet somehow then go to the CNC computer and upload the G code to Mach 2.
  2. Press start and there you go.