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Make a Poster Image another version of this

In this project, you will make a poster image by using a photo, modifying it with Gimp, then adding some text to it with Inkscape. In Inkscape, you will also convert the file format from .jpg to .dxf.



You are free to work with pretty much any content, however, it must be appropriate for public display. For this reason, steer away from images of guns, drugs, sexism and racism. Your work should not be offensive to members of the community.


Start with the photo

a relatively simple image is best. You may need to crop it. This will likely be in the Image menu, or it may be in the edit menu.


Make the picture grayscale

Convert the picture to grayscale by going the the Image menu, choose mode, then grayscale.


Increase the contrast

You can use the brightness and contrast settings in the Color tools menu


Save the picture

Save the picture with a new name which will help you find it later.


Open the picture in Inkscape

In inkscape, you can add shapes and text to the picture.


Add text to the picture

Find a phrase that compliments the message of your photo. Keep in mind that you must be within community standards. Keep it wholesome.


Convert image to Bitmap

Select all of the image, go to the edit menu in Inkscape, choose convert to bitmap.


Trace Bitmap

Click on the bitmap you made in the previous step


Save as .dxf

Some Fab systems will require this step. Others will just require a .jpg file format.

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