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The purpose of this project is to introduce the processes and techniques of the cnc mill to new users. This project will also get you used to designing using CAD to make a physical object that can be used to display or entertain. The block itself could become something more innovative, but here the focus is on making the machines and processes work.



Use sketchup or some other CAD software package to make a block with your name on it. See ThreeDtext

The block must be smaller than the toolbed of the mill.

The block must be able to be attached to the toolbed.

Use 3D text in Sketchup to design the text on the block.

Mill the block using a raster approach. See SketchupTogCode



Mill the block on the micromill

Use foam as the material to allow rapid milling


Cut off the excess material with the band saw.

Measure the Y axis of the finished block, divide by 2 to get the center.

Mark the center, use the same distance to mark the distance from either end on the x axis.


Drill a 3/8" hole, 1/4" deep at the junction of the two measuring marks.

Insert a 3/8" ceramic magnet into the holes, make sure they sit flush with the surface or slightly below to prevent the magnet from scratching any surface.


Put a drop of glue into the holes.

Insert the magnets into the holes.


Finish the surface and seal it by painting it with watered down white glue.


When the piece is finished it should look about like this:


You can add features to the HelloBlock such as making it light up at night, making it blink, making it activate a sound circuit at the push of a button or in the presence of a magnet or rfid tag.


To add a circuit, you will have to design a pocket for the electronics to fit into, and then mill them into the block.

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