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You can design your own cellphone sticker using Open Office.


Here is how to get started:


Make your file

Use Open Office Draw

Open an NEW document and SAVE AS Your Name Cell Sticker.

Make a shape that will be the outside of your sticker.


Gather information about your sticker sizes

Find out how big the space is that you will be designing for.

If you have the phone, you can use a ruler to measure how big the space your sticker will be is.

If you don't have the phone, you can get the specifications by searching for the model number and "specifications"

You can also make a guess that the sticker size is less than 2 inches square and go with that.


Change the properties of your shape

Resize the shape by clicking on the numbers at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the Position and Size dialog box.

You can also right click on the shape (control click on the mac) and choose Position and Size.

The top set of values places the shape from the top left corner. O" and O" will place it at the top left of your document.

The second set of values are the width and height of the object.

You can also make rounded corners

Change the fill of your shape so that it is either Black or White.

Black is the top item on the fill pull down. You can jump to white by clicking in the Fill pull down and typing W.

You can also put a border on the shape by using the checkboxes on the tool bar. 0.1 Inch is enough.


Make a second shape

Make another shape that will be placed inside the first one.

The second shape should be smaller than the first shape.

This shape should have the opposite coloring, so it will be white on black or black on top of white.


Merge and combine shapes

You can create combinations of several shapes by making several and merging them.

In Open Office, you can combine two shapes by placing them over each other.

Arrange them the way you want, then go to the MODIFY menu, and choose Merge or Combine.

This will allow you to make shapes that have straight lines, curves, diagonals and more.


Align the two shapes

Select both shapes, and go to the MODIFY menu.

Choose Alignment, and you can align them on the horizontal and vertical axes.

You can also get the Align menu by selecting the shapes and right clicking them or control clicking them and choosing Align from the menu.


Arrange your shapes

Your shapes may become layered in a way that one hides the other.

You can change this by selecting one of your shapes, then going to the MODIFY menu and choosing Arrange.

Set the biggest shape so it is in the back.

Set the smaller shape so it is in the front.

You can also get to the Arrange menu by right clicking or Control clicking the selected shape.


Output your shape

You will need to convert your design to a JPEG so it can be cut on the vinyl cutter.

Select your design by going to the EDIT menu and choosing Select All or Control A/Apple A on the keyboard.

Then go to the FILE menu and select Export.

Choose JPEG from the menu.

You can then upload this JPEG file to the Ning Site, put it on a Flash drive or email it to yourself.


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